Corazon Cabochon Ring with Chrysoprase in 18K Green Gold

Constantly drawing inspiration from nature, Judi hand-selected this stone in connection to the many colors and forms water achieves.  Water is constantly changing and evolving, just as this stone does in different lights. Surrounded by the warmth of 18K green gold, the Chrysoprase Corazon ring shines like sunlight on a river. Finished with our signature Cashmere® finish.

Featuring bezel-set cabochon gemstones in a variety of shapes and beautiful colors, the Corazon ring is minimalist with a bit of a twist. It's available in 14K green gold and 18K green gold. Rings shown are currently available and will change as more are created so if you see a ring you love, grab it now because no two are alike!

Available in size 6.5. Other sizes may be available, please inquire.

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