Three-Stone Ring with Teal Tourmaline and Yellow Sapphire in 14K Green Gold

Inspired by nature, Judi brings in the colors of cool rivers, lush meadows, and the warmth of the sun on your skin. Each 3 stone ring is guided by nature itself – Judi hand selects each stone based on their visual qualities. With no two exactly the same, warm pinks accent rich greens and icy blues are emphasized by cool greys, all surrounded in Judi’s classic green gold and Cashmere® finish. With all the flora and fauna surrounding Judi in the Hudson Valley, it's no surprise she's combined this gorgeous teal tourmaline with yellow Malawi sapphires--the color pairing recalls summer sun and cool lakes.

Stone weights: Brazilian teal tourmaline (2.11ct) 9 x 7mm oval; traceably sourced two Malawi yellow sapphires (.28ct TW) approximately 3.5mm each; ten golden sapphires (.065ct TW) 1.3mm each.

This ring is size 6.25.

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