Botswana Agate Sautoir with Silver Clasp

I love super long beaded necklaces. They're so versatile and so timelessly chic.  Botswana agate is material we've fallen for, and hard! It's got gorgeous bands of color and naturally occurring swirl-like patterns that remind us of miniature planets. With warm earthy tones and pops of orange, russet and bluish grey, these stones are a fun alternative to pearls. The beads have a soft frosted finish. We've knotted them on a beautiful coral-colored silk. Get ready to fall in love!

We love wearing a stack of our Montauk bangles with this necklace. 


Beads vary in size from 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm. Slight variations in sizes are normal. 

54" long with silver clasp 

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