Three-Stone Ring

Classic, timeless, and flawlessly crafted, the three stone ring is a celebration of subtle colors and sculptural forms.

Cool rivers, lush meadows, and the warmth of the sun on your skin inspire the color palettes for these rings. Each Three-Stone ring is guided by nature itself—Judi hand selects each stone based on their visual qualities. With no two exactly the same, warm pinks accent rich greens and icy blues are emphasized by cool greys, all surrounded in Judi’s classic green gold and Cashmere® finish.

  • Center stones are approximately 9 x 7 mm ovals set in sculptural bezels
  • Side stones are approximately 3.5mm rounds and are also bezel set
  • Ring-band stones are 1.3mm rounds and are burnish-set into the gold

Designed and handcrafted by Judi Powers Jewelry®.

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