Turquoise Corazon Cabochon Ring in 14K Fairmined Green Gold

Sleeping Beauty turquoise is prized for its vibrant color and consistency. This gorgeous stone beckoned to be wrapped in 14K green gold and that's just what we did. Mined in the US, set in Fairmined gold atop the Corazon ring band with my signature Cashmere Finish®, this ring is a serious stunner.

Stone treatment: Zachery Process. "Tests show that this process effectively improves a stone’s ability to take a good polish and may or may not improve a stone’s color. It also decreases the material’s porosity, limiting its tendency to absorb discoloring agents such as skin oils. Zachery-treated turquoise has gemological properties that are similar to those of untreated natural turquoise, and that the treatment does not involve impregnation with a polymer. Most Zachery-treated turquoise can be identified only through chemical analysis—most efficiently, by EDXRF spectroscopy—as it contains significantly more potassium than its untreated counterpart." (This description is courtesy of GIA.)

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Stone is 17x12mm and approximately 7ct Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

Ring is size 6.25. Other sizes may be available, please inquire. 

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