Jewelry made with joy, purpose, and meaning, from my hands to yours. 

 Judi Powers Black and White Photo working in Studio

Close your eyes and imagine your fingers finding a pebble on the beach. Tumbled by countless waves, it speaks of sun and sea, wind and water, time and tides, ebb and flow. Every time you hold one of my jewels, I want it to feel like that pebble, round and smooth and rubbed between your fingers until it gleams softly with the burnished glow of a well-loved thing.

My inspiration is all around us. The graceful undulation of a ripple in a pond. The curve of a leaf as it reaches for the sun. The branching silhouette of a dendritic agate. The delicate colors of the first blooms of Spring.

To take the hardness of gems and metal and make them soft, I’ve spent hours at the workbench, carving, filing, buffing and refining the surface until I’ve achieved my signature Cashmere Finish.® I want everything I create to have the timeless elegance of a cashmere sweater, which inspires the soft texture of my metals. The matte gold gathers and disperses light until it seems like you can feel it glowing through your fingertips.

In a world where we interact through images and screens, I want my jewelry to make you want to reach out to hold it. Sense the gold warming in your hands. Run your fingers over the soft finish. Marvel at the beautiful forms and subtle shading of the gems and minerals. Experience the intimate luxury of a beautiful object, crafted by hand, designed to last.

That’s why after a career in publishing I fell in love with the joy, meaning and purpose of the art of jewelry. Enjoying the quiet concentration of working with my hands, carving wax and shaping metal. Contemplating the beauty of gems and finding inspiration. Embodying the joy and meaning of the special moments of your life in every design. Finding purpose in creating work that instantly becomes part of you, carrying with it the pleasure of its making, from my hands to yours.