Jewelry Care

All Judi Powers Jewelry® is handcrafted from high-quality precious metals, chains, findings, and gemstones. With proper care your jewelry should last for many, many years.

Here are some tips to maintaining your jewelry:

  • Always put your jewelry on last, after all cosmetics, lotions, and fragrances have been applied. And always remove your jewelry first at the end of the day.

  • ​Never use polishing cloths on our metal as it will ruin our signature Cashmere Finish®.

  • For necklaces strung on silk, NEVER dampen or soak these pieces as it will ruin the silk. Use a soft pearl-cleaning cloth on stones with a high polish to revive luster after wear. Always store flat in a box and never hang silk-strung pieces. Plan to restring your strung stone necklaces every 2-3 years. We offer this service for a reasonable fee.

  • Clean jewelry only with warm (not hot!), soapy water and a soft, baby toothbrush. I recommend blue Dawn dish soap. Do not soak closed-back bezel set stones (usually cabochons) as they are not air tight.

  • Our preferred jewelry cleaning solution is Lavish Jewelry Cleaner. It is safe for opals, turquoise, and pearls and makes diamonds sparkle.

  • Do not expose jewelry to hair and make-up products, household cleansers, or chemicals.

  • Never wear jewelry during strenuous activity or while in the water. Chlorine in swimming pools and hot tubs can discolor and damage metal and gemstones. 

  •  Jewelry that is damaged by improper cleaning and handling is not returnable and can be repaired for a fee at our discretion.